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Supervision and Support services for Erection, commissioning, site acceptance test as of following Jobs


  • Installation of all type of field instruments as per P&I Drawings
  • Glanding and cable Termination in Instruments, junction Boxes & Marshalling Panels for DCS or PLC system
  • Continuity checking for Control and Signal cables.
  • Installation of stanchions/Supports and Canopy for instruments
  • Process loop checking of field Instrument
  • Impulse tubing for instruments as per Hook up Drawings
  • Copper S.S Tubing for all types of control valves/ON-OFF Valves
  • Laying & clamping of single pair/ Multicore cables up to control room
  • Stroke checking for control valves & Partial stroke for ESD Valves
  • Laying of perforated/Ladder type cable tray and fixing the cable tray bends according to the cable route

Pre – Commissioning activities – Checking for design conformity & functional check

  • Inspection of equipment and installation to check for mechanical integrity
  • Inspection of equipment and installation to check for compliance with drawings, specifications, regulations and code of practice Simulator
  • Connecting the Handheld Programmer and Running communication test
  • Powering up the transmitters until stabilized
  • Zero and Ranging the Transmitters by use of HART/MFM Handheld Communicator as per Data sheet
  • Checking the outputs in both raising and falling modes
  • Checking up Cold and Hot Loop checking for the control loops

DCS, PLC & SCADA System Commissioning Activities

  • Ensuring Dual Power Supply Change over without affecting the system/Process
  • Checking of Nest Loading as per the I/O allocation for maintaining the redundancy
  • Confirm of all inter-connector cables have been installed in accordance with the reference documents.
  • Check of all I/O cabling to field devices and the field devices are installed and comply with the reference documents
  • Uploading and Downloading the program, Logic design, nest loading and I/O assignment, graphic design and implementation for SIEMES S7300 & 400and its WinCC, ABB 800XA, AC 900F, Yokogawa Cs3000 & Centum VP, Annunciator and SOE
  • Checking System Architecture according to the approved drawings.