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Process Skid Solutions

Flow Metering Skids

  • Our metering system design is based on international codes and standards API MPMS, AGA, ANSI-ASME, etc.
  • The system design also depends on the type of fluid to be measured. We offer metering solutions to Oil & Gas and Water applications.
  • We offer metering technologies including Ultrasonic, Turbine, Coriolis, Orifice and PD meters. The technology is selected to ensure accurate, efficient performance of the system throughout its life cycle. The metering systems are based on advanced technologies.
  • Custody transfer applications.
  • Overall performance and measurement accuracy of the metering system is determined by the performance of each and every component, and these components are bought and tested from internationally approved manufacturing facility.
  • Our metering skids comprise of filtration, pressure reduction, metering, proving, sampling section and also enjoy the flexibility to be interfaced with external systems like flow computers, gas chromatographs etc.
  • The metering systems are normally designed with master meter streams for periodic verification of the duty meter. Providing master meter in the system reduces cost and helps in a compact skid.

Prover Skids

  • Our expert team is well versed in all types of proving systems. We offer small volume prover skids, bi-directional ball provers, water draw calibration system along with tank provers.
  • The provers can be supplied as fixed skid mounted solutions or mobile type as required by the customer.

Sampling Skids

  • We have the capability to design and engineer complete sampling systems to meet the customer’s requirements and international standards for manual and automatic sampling of hydrocarbon liquids and gases.
  • Our sampling system for liquid applications include jet mixing, fast loop sampling, water cut meter, viscosity and density measurement.
  • For gas application, real time analysis of chromatographic properties, density, dew point and calorific value is needed for accurate flow measurement.

Loading/Unloading Skids

  • Our integrated loading systems meet the most stringent requirements. Integrated and fully tested systems increase measurement accuracy and reliability. Loading systems configured to meet the customer requirements allow for an optimized terminal layout and an increased truck throughput.
  • Our expertise in engineering, project management, operation, and system services deliver the safest and highest performance in the industry.
  • We offer
    • Loading & unloading systems for trucks, trains etc.
    • Loading system for LPG
    • Top/ Bottom loading arms, flow meters, digital control valves, strainers with air eliminator, etc.
    • Overfill protection & grounding device.
    • Vapor recovery systems.
    • Additive injection systems.
  • Control of technical loading, batching and commercial processes

Chemical Injection Skids

  • Chemical injection skids can be used to inject wide range of chemicals using pumps. It is to protect the assets and improve performance with solutions to support contaminant removal, enhanced recovery techniques and hydrocarbon conditioning.
  • Delivering a highly accurate and repeatable dosage, our chemical injection systems can introduce a wide range of chemicals either at a fixed pressure or to a required flow rate with closed loop.
  • We do both electrically driven and pneumatic driven injection skids.

Metering Control System

  • Design, engineering, configuration, commissioning and start-up of complete instrumentation & control solutions in standard technologies (Foundation Fieldbus, HART, Profibus).
  • Custody transfer metering skids, systems and solutions for oil, gas, petrol and chemical products.
  • We represent different flow computer manufacturers. The flow computer brand and model are selected to best meet the project requirements and specifications.
  • Our company design and engineering philosophy provides the best results for the lowest cost of ownership. We are constantly challenged to improve and to provide a source of assurance to our customers.
  • We ensure that our system is highly secure by employing the latest security technologies available. Our experienced programmers present the most effective way to implement the customer requirements.
  • We design the program effortless and is conferred effectively to the operators through our training programmes in addition to extensive customer service and support.