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Battery Packs

We offer replacement battery packs for a variety of wireless devices. Our replacement battery packs are widely used by retail chain stores, logistic service providers, airlines, Hospitals and government agencies. Our products include brand new replacement battery packs for portable devices like two way radios, barcode scanners & printers, Medical Devices and specialty wireless phones.

Business Phone Batteries

Extended Capacity Replacement Battery for the Intermec / Norand CK3 Barcode Scanner. The battery fully replaces OEM battery number 318-034-001 and AB187. Cells are made in Japan by Panasonic. Li-ion, 3.7 Volt, 5200 mAh capacity rating.

Barcode Scanner Batteries

  • Super Extended Replacement Battery for Motorola / Symbol MC55, MC55A0, MC55A0-HC, MC5574, MC5590, MC65, MC67, and MC55a barcode scanner. Battery fully replaces OEM part number BTRY-MC55EAB02, 82-111094-01, and 400384-217. The 4400 mAh capacity rating is 22% higher than the OEM’s 3600 mAh capacity rating.

Printer Batteries

  • Replacement battery pack that is 100% compatible with the Zebra QLn320 (HC), QLn220 (HC), ZQ500, ZQ510, ZQ520, ZQ610, and ZQ620 mobile printers and battery chargers.  The 3180 mAh battery pack is rated 36% higher than original Zebra 2330 mAh batteries, which translates to longer cycle life and overall battery life. Battery is UL Listed for UL 2054 using performance grade power cells from Japan that are proven to deliver maximum battery run time and total cycle life.

Medical Batteries

  • B3000 Lithium Ion Black Replacement Battery Pack provides a significant increase to both daily talk time as well as standby time for the Vocera B3000 and B3000n Badges. Our battery pack utilizes Panasonic Tier 1 Japanese performance-grade Power Cells. With an 800 mAh Capacity Rating, the battery pack lasts 33% longer than the 600 mAh Vocera 230-01980 battery, and 10% longer than the 230-01924. The top battery latch and bottom attachment clips are reinforced with superior, rugged plastics to prevent breakage and provide a reliable fit with the Vocera B3000 Badges.

Two Way Radio Batteries

  • Replacement battery for the Motorola DTR410, DTR510, DTR550, DTR610, DTR650, MTH650 and MTH800 two way radios, as well as the i365 and i355 phones. Replaces OEM battery number SNN5706B, NNTN4665A, NNTN4665B, and 53963. The 2000 mAh capacity rating is 75% higher than the OEM’s 1140 mAh capacity rating.

Transformer Charging Station


The Transformer CLS-5571 is a desktop charger that can charge one CLS Series Radio and two spare battery packs at once! The Type-X charger uses the same Transformer modular design, with specifically designed charging cup bays for the Motorola

CLS radios and battery packs.CLS Series Radios: CLS1410, CLS1100, CLS1450CB, CLS1450CHBattery Packs: RB-5571-L, 56557, SNN5571A, HCNN4006

The radio can be powered on or off when inserted into the charger, and after a few seconds of calibration, the display will show the charging status of the radio’s battery. The LED indicators on the charger will also light up to show the charging status for phone, as well as the two battery packs. The radio uses two LEDs while the batteries each have one LED.

All chargers are made with IonPure IZA Antimicrobial plastics, which inhibit the growth of microorganisms and bacteria. Every charger includes a USB Type-C power supply, which provides a steady, fast power source. Chargers are TAA-Compliant.

Transformer 4-Bay Battery Charger for Ascom

The Transformer D62 Quad Charger is THE optimal charging solution for Ascom d62 and i62 Batteries. Designed to charge up to 4 batteries at once, this compact charger features a sturdy build that uses specially designed cups to drop the batteries into.

Our Transformer D62 features durable connectors to ensure a consistent fit and long-term connection with the battery packs for each charge. The charger is not reliant on the battery pack’s locking clips, which helps prevent wear and tear on the battery. Our Quad Charger also includes simple LED lights to indicate each battery’s charging status. Each charger includes a USB Type C Power Adapter that fully charges Batteries in just 3 hours or less!

Transformer 8-Bay Battery Charger for Vocera B3000 batteries

The Transformer B3000 8-Bay Charger is designed to charge up to 8 batteries from the Vocera Communications B3000 and B3000n Badges. Built by stacking together two Transformer B3000 Chargers, these devices utilize a single base with wiring that allows all charging bays to be powered by a single power outlet, which can charge Extended Capacity Batteries in just 3 hours or less, and the “Series” Batteries and the Standard Capacity Batteries in just 2 hours or less!

This compact charger features a sturdier build than the Vocera Part # 230-02008 8-Bay Multi-chargers, which have poor craftsmanship and charging bays that are prone to power inconsistencies and malfunction. Our Transformer Multi Chargers feature durable connectors to ensure a more consistent fit and long-term connection with the battery packs for each charge.  Charger utilizes LED lights to indicate each battery’s charging status, and are TAA-Compliant. Every charger comes with a power supply.